About Me

Welcome to my world of creativity and professionalism! I'm Muhammad Nurman, but many people know me as man4success. I've been on an incredible freelancing journey since 2015, and I'm here to offer you a wide range of services that cater to your needs. From Indonesian voiceovers, whiteboard videos, translation, video editing, proofreading, serving as a spokesperson, and providing drawing and design services, I'm your one-stop solution for all your creative and linguistic requirements.

I am from Indonesia, a vibrant and diverse country that I proudly call home. I understand the nuances of the Indonesian language, culture, and market, making me an ideal partner for projects related to this region.

What I Can Do for You

1. Indonesian Voice Over:
With a passion for storytelling, I bring scripts to life through my versatile voice, perfectly suited for Indonesian audiences. Whether it's for commercials, narrations, animations, or any other project, I can provide you with a captivating Indonesian voiceover that captures your audience's attention.

2. Whiteboard Videos: I'm skilled at creating engaging whiteboard animations that resonate with Indonesian audiences. These videos are an effective way to convey complex ideas in a simple, entertaining, and memorable manner.

3. Translation and Proofreading: Effective communication is crucial when expanding your business in Indonesia. I offer not only translation services but also meticulous proofreading to ensure your content is error-free and culturally appropriate.

4. Video Editing: Video is a powerful medium for conveying messages, and I can tailor your content to appeal to the Indonesian market. I have the expertise to edit your videos, ensuring they look professional and engaging. Whether it's for YouTube, marketing, or personal projects, your videos will be in good hands.

5. Spokesperson Services: As a spokesperson, I can represent your brand or convey your message with professionalism and authenticity. My engaging presence and clear communication will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

6. Drawing and Design Services: I offer a range of design services, including book cover design, coloring book creation, PowerPoint presentations, and more. Whether you need eye-catching visuals for your book, an engaging coloring book for children, or a professional PowerPoint presentation, I have the creativity and skills to bring your ideas to life.

7. Language Instruction: With over 10 years of experience teaching English, I have a wealth of knowledge in helping Indonesian people master the English language. I provide tailored English language tutoring for Indonesian learners, ensuring they become fluent and confident in their language skills. Additionally, I offer tutoring in the Indonesian language for those looking to learn or improve their Bahasa Indonesia.

Why Choose Me

Expanding your business in Indonesia can be highly profitable, and I'm here to facilitate your success in this dynamic market. This site is designed to provide you with a convenient and cost-effective alternative to platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. I believe in transparent and fair pricing, which means no additional fees or hidden costs. You can trust that you'll receive top-quality work, without breaking the bank.

Payment Methods

To make your experience as seamless as possible, I accept payments through PayPal, a secure and widely trusted online payment platform.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you're ready to embark on a project together. I'm here to bring your creative ideas to life, facilitate language learning, and provide you with exceptional service. Let's work together and achieve success, the man4success way!


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