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An Easy and Practical Way of How to Find God Without Religion

Welcome truth seekers. Here is a simple and pragmatic approach to discovering God beyond religion In trying to find God without relying on a particular religion, there are some things that might make it hard to feel a spiritual connection. First off, if you usually think in a logical and practical way, it might be tough to grasp the more abstract nature of spirituality. Also, if you base your beliefs on assumptions influenced by your personal experiences, it could limit your openness to spiritual experiences. Moreover, if you're not into deep thinking, it can be a barrier to connecting with the divine. In our busy lives, taking time for self-reflection might seem difficult, making it hard to explore spiritual experiences. Being unwilling to listen, whether to your inner self or others, can also be a problem. Discovering spirituality often means being open to different ideas and insights. Lastly, if you tend to quickly make decisions without really thinking things through, it could

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