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20 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn, Even Though You’re Not Looking for A Job

If you ask me why I need LinkedIn, even when I'm not actively job hunting and lack formal certificates or degrees, the answer lies in the transformative power of showcasing skills and proven track records. Despite the absence of traditional credentials, my profile speaks volumes through numerous 5-star feedback endorsements and a wealth of hands-on experience. LinkedIn, for me, is not merely a job-seeking platform but a dynamic space for networking, knowledge sharing, and brand building. It provides a unique avenue to break free from conventional limitations, emphasizing competency over qualifications and fostering connections based on merit and tangible expertise. So here are 20 Reasons why we need LinkedIn, Even though we’re not looking for a job.  We need LinkedIn because … 1. Professional Networking: LinkedIn is a powerful platform for expanding your professional network. Connecting with colleagues, industry leaders, and other professionals allows you to stay updated on

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