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Is Upwork Still Worth It for Freelancers in 2024? I am Praying, Wanna Join Me?

Upwork used to be worth it for me because I once earned big with it. But, Is Upwork Still Beneficial for Freelancers in 2024? In the early days, when Upwork was still known as, I fumbled my way into the world of freelancing without a clear understanding of how it worked. In a rookie move, I once translated something without initiating a contract, only to find myself unpaid. That experience taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of setting clear terms from the start. I was sure Upwork still a worthy platform for freelancers back then a decade ago. This client appreciated my work expressed intentions to bring in another friend for translation services. Surprisingly, I didn't voice any hesitation or doubts. This decision marked the beginning of my true earnings on the platform. My first dollar, a modest sum of 5, came from an American client who amusingly assigned me the task of crafting a list of funny lines. Perplexed as to why he chose a newcomer and a non-nativ

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