How Can You Trust Me as A Remote Worker? Say, Working Outside Upwork?

How Can You Trust Me as A Remote Worker? Say, Working Outside Upwork?

Trusting someone who works remotely, especially outside traditional platforms like Upwork, can be a thoughtful decision for various reasons. In today's interconnected world, remote work is becoming more prevalent, and understanding why trusting such individuals is important can be crucial for collaboration and success.

How do you trust remote workers?

Firstly, remote workers often demonstrate increased flexibility and adaptability. Working outside a traditional office setting encourages individuals to develop strong time-management skills and the ability to handle various tasks independently. This adaptability is beneficial, as remote workers can navigate different challenges efficiently, making them reliable contributors to projects. So, you can trust a remote worker who not only excels in flexible work environments but also showcases resilience in the face of changing circumstances. Their ability to adapt swiftly ensures that your projects stay on track, even in dynamic situations.

Secondly, remote workers often exhibit heightened communication skills. To succeed in a remote environment, effective communication becomes essential. Remote workers are accustomed to using various digital tools, ensuring clear and timely communication despite physical distances. This proficiency in virtual communication contributes to a smooth workflow, reducing misunderstandings and fostering a collaborative work atmosphere.

Thirdly, remote workers frequently showcase a high level of self-motivation and initiative. Operating outside a structured office environment requires a strong sense of responsibility. Remote workers often set their own goals, manage their time effectively, and take the initiative to overcome obstacles. This self-motivation is advantageous for project completion, as these individuals are more likely to meet deadlines and deliver quality work without constant supervision.

Trusting someone who works remotely can thus be justified by their flexibility, communication skills, and self-motivation. However, it's important to note that these qualities may vary among individuals, and assessing each remote worker's capabilities and reliability is crucial before establishing trust, especially when working outside established freelance platforms like Upwork.

How can you trust a someone doing your project remotely, outside Upwork for example?

Hire a trusted freelancer from Indonesia

A trusted freelancer who works outside Upwork can earn your trust for several reasons.

Firstly, expertise and specialization play a key role. Many freelancers who operate independently outside platforms like Upwork often do so because they possess a high level of expertise in their field. They may have a specific set of skills or knowledge that sets them apart, making them valuable contributors to your project. By seeking out freelancers with a proven track record of success in their respective domains, you increase the likelihood of receiving top-notch work. Building trust with freelancers operating remotely includes vetting their past projects and seeking those with a proven track record. Look for consistent skills, timely delivery, and open communication to ensure a successful partnership.

Secondly, personalized attention and dedication are often hallmarks of freelancers working independently. Without the constraints of a larger platform, freelancers can focus more on individual clients, tailoring their approach to meet specific needs. This personalized attention can lead to a deeper understanding of your project requirements and a higher level of commitment to delivering quality results.

Thirdly, direct communication and transparency are advantages when working with freelancers outside major platforms. Independent freelancers often prefer direct communication channels, fostering a transparent and open working relationship. This direct interaction allows for better understanding, quicker feedback, and the ability to address any concerns promptly. The absence of intermediary layers can enhance trust, as you have a direct line of communication with the person responsible for your project.

Do you still trust me as a remote worker if we work outside Upwork? 

How to trust a remote worker

Well, let me share my personal experience. I used to earn very well on Upwork, especially excelling in diverse tasks like whiteboard animation, hand-drawn art, PowerPoint design, video testimonials, voiceovers, and more. These varied skills not only earned me a good income but also consistently garnered 5-star reviews from satisfied clients.

One memorable experience involved a client who agreed to pay 100% upfront, demonstrating a high level of trust right from the start. This payment arrangement not only eliminated potential disputes but also set the tone for a collaborative and respectful partnership. The client was a prominent big company, adding credibility to our work together.

Continuing to work outside Upwork with around 5 to 7 clients has been a positive journey. Despite encountering challenges, be they project-related or otherwise, we've always found amicable solutions. Unlike the constant need to buy connects on Upwork, working directly with clients allowed me to focus more on delivering quality work rather than navigating platform intricacies.

While my history with Upwork, dating back to its Odesk days, has been prosperous, recent changes in the platform have led me to explore alternatives. The shift to a more transactional model, where connects must be purchased for various actions, has introduced an element of uncertainty. However, my positive experiences as as trusted freelancer, working remotely outside Upwork, where trust was built on a foundation of quality work and professionalism, have reinforced my belief in the feasibility of successful collaborations beyond traditional freelancing platforms.

Honestly, I still appreciate working on Upwork, but it's started to feel like a bit of a prison. I've observed others selling jail keys – freelancing independently – right before my eyes. There's a choice to make regarding trust. You can go to this link to get connected with me on Upwork, where my profile might be hidden not because I'm a bad worker, but because I choose not to participate in certain gambling scheme activities initiated by the platform. Alternatively, you can contact me directly to trust me as a remote worker with your project, ensuring a collaborative and transparent approach to achieve your goals.


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