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Excessive Laughter is Harmful! You are a Teacher, Not a Comedian, Based on My True Story

Have you ever wondered if laughing too much could actually be harmful?  Well, let me share a story from my own experience, especially when it comes to teaching English. Back when I used to work as a freelance English teacher, I had students of various ages, but most of them were school children.  I always believed in making learning fun, so my teaching style was like that of a comedian. I truly enjoyed using the communicative approach method, making every English class a joyful experience. Among my students were junior high school kids who treated me more like a friend than a teacher. Every minute in the classroom was filled with laughter.  They seemed so enthusiastic, and their energy was contagious. I found myself becoming more and more hilarious, to the point where I couldn't control my own jokes.  Little did I realize that this excessive laughter could have unintended effects on the learning environment. As the laughter continued unabated, it began to overshadow the primar

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