Professional Indonesian Voice Over Talent for Corporate Videos, Commercials, YouTube Channels Etc, Here Is the Man

Again, this is an article for self-promotion featuring Muhammad Nurman, me myself, a full-time freelancer who is also a voice actor to contribute to the success of your project. If you're seeking a distinctive niche in the industry, consider hiring me for my unique, firm, convincing, strong, accented tone, which also carries a fatherly warmth. If you need an Indonesian Voice Over Talent, a professional one for corporate videos, commercials, YouTube Channels and more, you’ve come to the right place.
Voice over talent Indonesia

With over 8 years of experience in the voice-over industry, I have collaborated with numerous businesses worldwide, bringing their projects to life. As a reliable and skilled professional, you can find me on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Alternatively, if you wish to avoid processing fees, you can hire me directly here.

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A skilled Indonesian voice narrator for corporate videos, commercials etc., is a middle-aged man …

As you can see, Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world, making it an excellent opportunity for you to expand your business. Whether you're selling products, promoting brands, introducing new games, or engaging in various other endeavors, this is the ideal place for you. If you are a business looking to extend your reach, an Indonesian voice-over talent—a professional full-time freelancer is ready to assist you with any voice-over needs. Moreover, I am proficient in animation, video editing, and can even act as your spokesperson if necessary.

I won't just claim that my voice goes beyond the ordinary; you can experience it for yourself. I bring strong energy to voicing action-related content, portray a fatherly figure in a drama, or narrate a soothing audiobook for children. Numerous comments on a YouTube channel I manage for one of my clients reveal that people use my voice to accompany them to sleep. I am truly flattered.

muhammad nurman voice over talent

My collaboration with clients on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork spans many years and has earned me as a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality work. I've maintained a 5-star review rating for an extended period—nothing extraordinary, but it underscores my commitment as a professional Indonesian voice-over actor, utilizing my talent to reach a global audience through what some might call a hobby. While I am always available for corporate videos, commercials, YouTube channels, documentaries, audiobooks, e-learning modules, video games, podcasts, animation, training videos, promotional videos, and character voices and others I spend much of my time doing some other freelance jobs to support my life. My expertise extends to bringing stories to life, guiding audiences through virtual experiences, contributing to promotional content, and delivering engaging narratives for various entertainment mediums. With a focus on versatility and creativity, I bring a dynamic and professional voice to complement different projects, ensuring each receives a tailored and impactful voice-over contribution.

My rates are affordable, set at only $5 per 100 words, and I am open to negotiation for longer scripts. I want to assure you that when dealing with an Indonesian voice-over talent, promoting himself intensively through his own website, you can be confident that you are receiving value for your investment.

I accept payments through PayPal, providing a convenient and secure method for you to pay upfront. However, if you're the kind of person concerned about potential scams, no worries. For those accustomed to the escrow system on platforms like Upwork, I am open to accommodating this method, offering flexibility and fostering trust in our business arrangement.


So, here I am, Muhammad Nurman—an accomplished Indonesian voice-over performer with a unique blend of skill, experience, and a voice that leaves a lasting impression. When you find that my samples meet your requirements, we can begin working together. I am also ready to record any samples you may need to ensure they meet your expectations. I look forward to discussing a new project with you.


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