10 Things to Do Before Leaving a Job After Resigning, Avoid These Stupid Conducts

I didn't dare resign back in 2015; instead, I got laid off. Reflecting on that experience, I realize there are many foolish moves I made that you should definitely avoid if you find yourself in a similar situation. Here's a list of the top 10 stupid things to do before leaving a job after resigning.

What to do after resignation
Quit or continue in distress? 

1. Burning Bridges

One of the worst things you can do before leaving a job after resigning is to burn bridges with your coworkers and superiors. It's tempting to vent your frustrations, but future job prospects could be harmed. Maintaining professionalism is key, even if you're eager to leave.

2. Not Having a Plana@

Leaving a job without a clear plan is a major mistake. Many people impulsively quit without considering what to do after they decide this,in fact, hard decision. Take the time to outline your next steps, whether it’s job hunting, further education, or freelancing.

3. Failing to Save Money

It's incredibly stupid to leave a job without having an emergency fund. Before leaving a job after resigning, ensure you have enough savings to cover at least six months of expenses. This will give you the financial cushion you need while you figure out what to do next to gain your own success in another place.

4. Neglecting to Network

When you’re preparing to leave a job, it's crucial to network. Failing to connect with industry contacts before you go is a huge oversight. Networking can provide support and open doors when you're considering to do any steps after resigning.

5. Not Updating Your Resume and LinkedIn

Before leaving a job after resigning, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are updated. It's foolish to think you can update these later. Having an updated resume and LinkedIn profile ready can significantly ease your transition when deciding becoming a "new person".

6. Skipping the Exit Interview

Some people think it's pointless to participate in an exit interview, but it can be beneficial. The feedback you provide can improve the workplace for others, and it leaves a positive impression. It’s another step in figuring out what to do after leaving your job.

7. Leaving Without Getting References

One of the biggest mistakes is leaving a job without securing references. Future employers will want to speak to your former supervisors. Before leaving a job after resigning, ensure you have solid references lined up to support you in your job search.

8. Taking Company Property

Taking company property is not only unethical but also illegal. It’s incredibly stupid and can lead to serious consequences. Always return any company property before leaving a job after you say it's over in that company. This will save you from potential legal issues and help maintain your professional reputation.

9. Badmouthing Your Employer

Resist the urge to badmouth your employer, either in person or on social media. It can come back to haunt you in future job searches. Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for your professional image and for deciding to do this post-resignation plan.

10. Not Having Health Insurance

One of the most foolish things you can do is leave a job without securing health insurance. Before leaving a job after resigning, explore your options for health coverage. This ensures you’re protected in case of medical emergencies while you're figuring out what to do after "all this nightmare".

What to Do After Resigning: The Smart Approach

Now that we've covered the stupid things to avoid, let's briefly touch on the smart things you should do after becoming an independent person.

1. Evaluate Your Finances: Make sure you have a budget in place and enough savings to support you during the transition.

2. Plan Your Next Steps: Whether it's finding a new job, going back to school, or starting your own business, have a clear plan in mind.

3. Update Your Professional Profiles: Ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile accurately reflect your latest achievements and skills.

4. Network: Reach out to contacts in your industry and attend networking events to stay connected.

5. Seek References: Get in touch with former supervisors and colleagues who can vouch for your work.

6. Maintain Professionalism: Leave your current job on good terms and stay professional in all your communications.

7. Secure Health Insurance: Make sure you have health coverage to protect yourself during the transition period.

By avoiding these 10 stupid things and focusing on what to do after resigning, you can make a smoother transition and set yourself up for success in your next endeavor. Remember, leaving a job is a significant step, and handling it wisely can make all the difference in your future career.


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